5 Beautiful Beaches of Algarve when hiking the coast line

5 Beautiful Beaches of Algarve when hiking the coast line

Everything I heard or seen before about Algarve, Portugal 🇵🇹 was true or beyond: the cliffs ❤️, the landscape, the ocean 🌊, the caves, the endless beaches one after another 🏖️, the orange sand. It was more beautiful than I imagined and more majestic. Facing the ocean on top of the cliffs with strong wind blowing towards you was breathtaking.

The bigger surprise was when we arrived at Praia do Marinha: apparently the whole coast line can be hiked. Of course we did not prepare before traveling so we do let us surprised when we get there and indeed we were. After one hour of walking we still had one more cliff and one more beach to see before we would return to hike in the opposite direction. You really do not need much to prepare beside walking shoes, plenty of water (!!!), sun screen and a hat in case you are more sensible in the sun (there is literally no shade). We did this hike on the 31st of December, so please keep all advises in mind if you plan to this in summer. Enough jabbering, here are the pictures you came for:

Praia do Pau
Praia da Malhada do Baraço
Praia do Barranquinho

Benagil Cave
Praia da Corredoura

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Yours, Ioana

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