3 Must Have Accessories at the Beach

3 Must Have Accessories at the Beach

1. The Oversized Hat

No matter where you are at the beach you should take a hat (at least) with you. It’s a fabulous item and, this summer, is the favourite accessory among the fashionistas, especially if it’s oversized and it doesn’t fit in your suitcase ( I guess it’s not that practical, but you have to do some sacrifices for the perfect Instagram picture).

2. The Sunglasses

My favourite accessory all year around are sunglasses, because just as Karl Lagerfeld said: “I like to see, not to be observed.”, but summer is the best moment to play more with your sunglasses options. The best part about this accessory is the fact that they can completely elevate your look.

3. The Beach Bag

The last accessory on today’s list and that you need for your holiday is a beach bag, one where you can find all your beach essentials and that can also be used as a travel bag. This accessory has to be practical and fashionable.

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