5 Reasons to travel in low season

5 Reasons to travel in low season

Last week I came back from spending 6 beautiful days in Malta, in the island of Gozo. This was my third time in Malta and the first time completely off season (beginning of April). By far was the time I could feel the most the real Maltese life, could enjoy the amazing nature, the green landscapes and the sea, without having to make myself way through a crowd of selfie sticks and pointing tablets. Here are my top 5 reasons why traveling in low season is an amazing idea:

1.  Few Tourists. No Tourists.

The definition of  low season is the period in the year when the fewest people visit a place and when the prices are at their lowest level* .

This is finally your chance to take that selfie you always wanted and all your friends could be jealous off.  No more waiting 30 minutes in line to take a good shot or to have 20 other people around looking like in the Thriller video from Michael Jackson. Now is the time for your glorious moment all by yourself!

2. Better contact with the locals

For me travelling means getting to know a new land or a new culture, the cuisine, their traditions or local customs, learning a bit of the language or some of the local history. How could you live all this better than somewhere in the country side, in a guest house, far away from crowded hotels, eating at some local imbiss? And to have all this almost stress free, traveling off season is one solution.

Not being overwhelmed by the hot weather in the main season and the huge amount of tourists, the locals have finally more time to interact with you, to advise you or to show you around. If you usually stay inside tourist groups I highly recommend you to try getting in contact with the locals. It is indeed a beautiful and rewarding experience that you can have in a foreign country.

3. Prices

Lower demand, lower prices – the most simple rule in economy. Not only that you will find better deals for accommodation and flights, but also most entrances at most tourist attraction have special prices for the low season. YEY for amazing adventures on budget prices! 🙂

4. Nature

This is by far my favorite reason from all 5 mentioned. In Mediterranean areas low season mean the cooler and wetter months, whereas in the snowy Alps they are the warmest months (depending on the area of course). Travelling in a different season will reveal the nature and the landscapes in a totally new perspective. The countries that have monsoon for example have an abundance of flowers and green vegetation in the rainy season. Malta offered me in April green fields with poppies and an abundance of filed flowers, colored birds that stop on their way from Africa to the central Europe, and cute violet jelly fishes at the beach. And yes maybe it rains more than usually, but we are not made out of sugar 😉

5. The silence

I know how to enjoy a good company but I also know how to enjoy a beautiful quiet place with a good view, good food, a coffee or just a drink. Time to breath and to be. Uncrowded terraces, restaurants, view points, beaches, top of hills, attraction, all and everywhere is a good place to finally take that breath of fresh air you needed.

All in all it was a beautiful and refreshing experience that warm me up in the cold spring and boosted  the hope in the wait for summer.


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Keep S P R E A D I N G * T R A V E L * L ❤ V E

 * Source Cambridge Dictionary

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