BLACK WEEK get -25% on all orders over 10 EUR. Use code: | Happy Easter - Traditional Egg Decorating Romania Post Cover

Happy Easter | Traditional Easter Eggs Decorating in Romania

Read about Easter Egg Decorating in Romania. As most customs, egg decorating uses a natural technique developed in the countryside. | Meet Bob or How to Save a Life in Curaçao Cover

Meet Bob the Flamingo | How to save a bird’s life in Curaçao

Zed the pigeon is injured. This is his story and yours. How easily you can make a difference when you travel. | Why I changed Completely to Shampoo Bars and 5 Reasons you should do it too

Why I changed completely to shampoo bars and 5 reasons you should too

Less plastic, softer hair, light and many more! Here are my top 5 reasons why you should switch to shampoo bars too. Oh! and I added a bonus usage tip to save you from breaking your first one.

2 weeks, 1 island, 50+ Turtles – Volunteering in the Maldives

Here is how I spent my Christmas back in 2017. 2 beautiful weeks in the heart of the Maldives volunteering and learning about marine life.

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