Zugspitze. The Top of Germany. 5 things to expect while visiting.

Zugspitze. The Top of Germany. 5 things to expect while visiting.

With 2962 m (9,718 ft) above sea level, the Z U G S P I T Z E is the highest mountain in Germany. It lies South of Germany near the beautiful traditional Bavarian town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the Austria–Germany border. You can read all about it in the well maintained Wikipedia page.

There are some things though that Wikipedia or any other official web sites do not tell you about this unique and wonderful experience:

1. Expect a huge mass of tourists.

The good and bad thing (at the same time) is that literally ANYONE can get there: yes, your grandma too if she does not have any hearth or respiratory problems, and all the kids next door and yes you can take your dog too. There are cable cars 🚠 and a cogwheel train 🚎 and if you want you can wear your flipp-flopps 👡 or high heels 👠 and still can make it almost (see point 2. for explanations) to the top ⛰


2. You will probably not make it to the very top

As much as you want that victorious picture while toughing the summit, this might not be the case if you can not rock climb a bit and have at least some proper shoes. The cable car’s  🚠  end station is a few meters under the peak level and on a twin peek. You will literally need to climb up bare hands to the top. Before being brave and trying to jump with your street shoes to go up, take in consideration the iced rocks and the ravines on all sides. Don’t wanna scare you, just keep it safe 😉


3. Caution! Construction site.

As much as unreal it sounds, at almost 3000 m beside rocks and little birds,  in summer time there are some important constructions going on :O  At the highest station of the cable car some ares are being closed for renovation, both inside and outside.


4. The weather

As any mountain weather it can be unpredictable af  😀  If you are flexible with your visiting dates, than check the weather before and try to go on a sunny day. Even so it is not guaranteed that after midday the clouds would not gather gratefully exactly and only on the peak. This had happened on the day we went up, but it still was a unique and breathtaking experience while “flying” in the cable car in and out of fluffy white clouds. ☁️ ☁️ ☁️


5. Ticket prices

All those majestic landscapes, the panoramic restaurant at ~2950m, the cable car and the cogwheel train experiences have a fair price that needs to be payed. Prepare to take out of your pocket 53 EUR for an adult ticket. This includes an ascent and descent with the cogwheel train and multiple entries for the Gletscherbahn cable car, on the day of your visit. You can find all current prices for summer 2017 here.


But all in all those breathtaking landscapes were seen, those stunning pictures were made 📷 , another beautiful and popular destination was checked ✔ and I can brag now that I was literally on the top of Germany ⛰🤗👌

Feel free to comment about your tips or your experience on the Zugspitze (or other destinations).

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With love as usually, Ioana <3


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