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Private Coaching – A Guide to Follow Your True Path – Monthly Subscription

229.00 inc. VAT

Welcome and Congratulations!

for choosing yourself and making yourself a priority. This is your personal and tailored journey where each week I will guide along your TRUE path.

This is a monthly subscription for 4 x 75 mins live sessions each months on Zoom.



What is 1:1 Private Coaching?

Private coaching are one on one sessions online (usually on Zoom) where we will work together with specific topics in your life that need attention at the moment. You will receive intuition readings and with their help and other tools, together we will set goals and action plans towards a life where you thrive.

What to expect from 1:1 Private Coaching?

Each session will be different. We will gradually work and remove blockages like patterns, ides and believes from your life that no longer serve you. We will connect together to your gifts, mission/ life purpose/ dreams and intuitively find real actions that will make those dreams your new reality.

This is not a one time pill. As much as I would love to give you such a pill that would solve all your worries at once, Following your True Path is a that need commitment and discipline. Just by the simple fact that you are here reading shows that you already have those.

What do you need to bring to a 1:1 Private Coaching?

Trust that I will safely guide you along the way to your True Path or keep you on it.
Willingness to let go of the anything that no longer serves you.
Discipline to show up each session on time and do the work it requires. The price is beyond imagined.

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Welcome and
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