The TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIME MOTHERS (traveling with babies 0-18 months) is now available.


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for mothers and anyone that needs daily free time

Learn HOW TO create self care time daily, even when you are alone with your baby

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If you are a mother in the search of a change, then this webinar is for you! Prepare to find way more than expected: learn to dive deep and understand some mechanisms of your daily routine and how to create 1 hour free time in it!
My name is ioana and after 7 years walking on the self discovery journey I have the pleasure to accompany you along yours.

Some of the secrets you'll learn
#1 Secret

"I stay true to myself."

Everyone expects you to be the hero in the house and magically take care of the children, family, household and work if possibly full time.

Is there another way to deal with everything? Join this webinar and find out how to stay true with yourself in any situation.

#3 Secret
"My priorities change my life for better."
When your day is filled with activities a breath of fresh air is always welcomed.

Your clarity determines the outcomes of your day. And how many activities are crucially important? Learn to set REAL priorities in your day by joining NOW the webinar.
#5 Secret
"I am one decision away to change my life."
Each decision you make takes you closer to your goals. Even the decision to do nothing it is a decision with a GREAT impact in YOUR life.

Are you even aware how easy it is to make a change? Learn the power of decisions and taking actions at the webinar.
Words from clients in other programms
"Working with ioana feels very empowering and rewarding!"

"She is a very engaged and motivated coach, being empathic and always in service. She is ready to share with you all the tools and all the magic that allows you to have a sustainable evolution. Working with her feels very empowering and rewarding."

1:1 Private Coaching a
 Guide to Follow Your True Path

- Teodora, USA

Inese Zute from Back2Balance Academy
"This work is a must – if you want to clear out all the past that is keeping you safe and small."

"Ioana sees you through her readings, you are seen from the side of your ego and your higher self. She can laser through what is needed the most in the sessions for the subject that will elevate and make a huge shift in your life. Ioana is such a gift to anyone who is working with her."

90 mins Dive Deep and Heal Past Traumas live session​

- Inese, UK

Oana Mindrut - Empowerment Coach
"She can see your profound truth and help you turn your truth into your reality."

Her ability to see in your patterns and illusions is beyond accurate…to the point of telling you your behaviors and even events that happen or happened in your life because of your issues. She is precise and straight to the point of what you need to hear about yourself to advance on your journey.

1:1 Private Coaching a
 Guide to Follow Your True Path

- Oana, Brazil

Are You Ready To Create 1 Hour FREE Time Daily?

I'm looking forward to guide you along your story, share my knowledge and empower you to transform to the best version of yourself.



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