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Meet Bob the Flamingo | How to save a bird’s life in Curaçao

Meet Bob the Flamingo | How to save a bird’s life in Curaçao

Before we meet Bob from Curaçao, we have to meet the little hero in this story, Zed. Zed is the pigeon in the picture below. I found him last week on the way to the beach in Curaçao. He was standing between bushes. It looked like he hit the wall and fell there. He could not fly anymore and it was clear to me that he was injured. As a normal earth citizen I passed by and continued my day trying to enjoy the sun and the turquoise sea. Floating on that welcoming cool water I couldn’t stop thinking about the bird. I decided it is my responsibility to do something for him. Back at our sunbeds I immediately started to search online for animal associations on Curaçao. Apparently there is much need here and everybody is saving dogs and cats. I contacted on Messenger to 3 associations and I managed to call one. Everybody was telling me about Dr. Doest, a veterinary and a bird expert that could help me. It was Saturday and her medical center was closed. Nobody was answering the phone either.

There was no more time to lose. I went back to check on the bird and he was getting worse. The heat and lack of food and water were making him weak. Looking around I went in the first shop and asked for a shoe box. Back on the street I stopped someone to help me put the bird in the box. In all my city life I have never done something like this before. We made holes for him to breath and I was ready to drive. But where? I was guided to a local vet clinic 4 km away, but it was also closed. Eventually between tears, because I was unable to save that little pigeon, we went to Dr. Odette Doest. | Meet Bob or How to Save a Life in Curaçao - Greeted By Rita

There at the gate I was happily greeted by Rita, the dog in the picture, that wanted to shake paws. My heart was warming already with hope. There was someone inside and I was ringing like crazy at the gate. 2 persons came outside and said they could not help me because they are no doctors. I was tearing up again. After another phone call and some discussions they agreed to take the injured bird to Dr. Doest. They explained that there will be medical costs and asked if I am willing to pay. I was lighting up and nodding yes, yes, yes. “Please, save him. He deserves to live.”

Dr. Odett Doest rescues all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, flamingos, pigeons, parrots or any breathing species she can. She is a beautiful woman and a true hero. She is running a foundation where injured animals can find a home. Dr. Doest saved Bob too. Bob is the flamingo on the book cover I am holding in the next picture. You can hear Bob’s story on National Geographic talks. She is a modern wonder woman and now she is saving my little pigeon too.

To register him at the animal foundation I had to choose a name for the little pigeon. Zed came immediately to my mind. Everyone was looking with big eyes, questioning my choice. I said yes, this is his name. To pay for Zed’s hosting at the center I made a 70 EUR donation and receive in return the book Meet Bob by Japser Doest, her cousin. All the money received by the sells are going to Odette Doest’s foundation, Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben to pay the bills for animals like Zed. You can support animal rescue even from your home in lockdown by buying your copy from Meet Bob, from Curaçao here. | Meet Bob or How to Save a Life in Curaçao

This story it is not about me. This story it is about YOU and how YOU can make a difference in the world. It is that easy to save /make someone’s life better. Take action next time anyone needs help and you can offer that. The reward is the joy in your heart knowing YOU made that difference!

Thank you for reading and supporting animal rescue. Don’t forget to order your copy Meet Bob, from Curaçao. Let’s stay in touch on social media too, for more travel stories on Instagram and Pinterest. If you like this story check also 2 Weeks, 1 island and 50+ Turtles – Volunteering in the Maldives. ioana ♥🌎



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