The TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIME MOTHERS (traveling with babies 0-18 months) is now available.
Relaxed woman at the beach, posing in bikini

Intuition for Beginners. A Guide Towards Self-Love.

Discover Intuition for Beginners in this guide to self-love. Cultivate inner wisdom and make authentic choices. Uncover your true self today!

Happy woman in meditation position: 5 Heathy Habits to Start Your Day

5 Healthy habits to start your day

5 Healthy habits to start your day and change gradually your life for better. Apply regularly step 5 towards a thriving life. | 5 Tips to live your best life - Cover

5 Tips to live your best life

Recently I was invited by my dear friends Nicoleta Bot – Holistic Yoga Teacher and Oana Mindrut -Wholeness & Harmony Facilitator through Self-love, to participate as a speaker in their 30 days challenge for self love and empowerment. Each guest has the chance to present their “super powers” in making this world a warmer place. […] | Back to Balance Academy - 5 Secrets for Success for Female Entrepreneurs

Back To Balance Academy – 5 Secrets for Success For Female Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post from my dear friends Inese Zute – Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Sara Jager – Embodiment and Empowerment and Holistic Health Coach, sharing their 5 secrets for success as female entrepreneurs. Syncing your Business with your Cycle is the best thing you can do for yourself […] | 3 Travel Lessons from Curaçao - Beach & Waves

How to find inner peace in Curaçao | 3 Travel Lessons

We spent 56 day of summer, joy and peace living the Caribbean life. Read our 3 travel lessons from Curaçao. | Meet Bob or How to Save a Life in Curaçao Cover

Meet Bob the Flamingo | How to save a bird’s life in Curaçao

Zed the pigeon is injured. This is his story and yours. How easily you can make a difference when you travel.

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