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5 Healthy habits to start your day

5 Healthy habits to start your day

You woke up at 5:00 AM, you woke up at 10:00 AM; you had a healthy fresh bowl, you had toast and cereals; you did yoga, you went running; you watched TV, you took a shower; you tried everything to establish the perfect morning routine. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t and today you will know why. Below I share with you 5 Healthy habits to start your day.

1. Greet yourself first

Probably the most important step of your morning is to greet yourself first. In this manner you acknowledge you are awaken, alive and starting a new day.
This year I created a beautiful opportunity and attended a magical 3 days event called Solar Practices. The event was organised by beautiful and inspiring Iulia Barbu from Aliniere Energetica (Energetical alignment). There I learned and added in my morning practice the self greeting. This is a powerful tool to connect to your(true)self, start and continue your day with love in your heart.

2. Check in with yourself

Living a life in a routine means many times of the day neglecting yourself and how you really feel upon daily aspects. This is why the “perfect” morning routine sometimes fails. One heathy habit to start the day is to check in with yourself. Start by asking yourself simple questions: what would I love to have for breakfast? Do I want a breakfast in the first place? Do I really want to start the day with a coffee? How do I feel right now? (Happy, sleepy, hungry etc.) What would I love to do today if I could do anything? What emotions do I feel? Where are they located in my body? Are there any tensions in the body? If yes, where precisely? (knee, lower back, left shoulder etc.)

Now we are going to the next level by actually listening what you and your body needs. After you finish asking some of these questions connect to the emotions you are feeling and the areas in the body where you spotted before tightness or tensions. Check deeper how those areas feel like and if they have a message for you. It can be anything like: slow down, you are still tired, you work/lift too much, your diet needs a change, you need a hug etc. Any message is valid. Most of the times when you really take time to listen to yourself and your body there is a positive shift in your mood: you receive the message and there is not more need for that emotion to stay in your body. Instantly you experience a relief and feel lighter and somehow happier.

Check this guided meditation to connect easily with your body

3. Set an intention (or more) for the day

Another healthy habits to start your day is to set one or more intentions. Mornings are the best time to set a tone for your day. You probably read, heard and seen this everywhere and this is true. Your brain emits literally operate at other frequencies. Plus your day is probably planned ahead anyway so when will you actually take time to set intentions?

How to set an intention

  • Keep it simple
  • Be specific
  • Say what you want to achieve (not what you do not want)

Read more about how your brain works in the morning here. This also leads us to the next point.

4. Leave your phone ( and TV) aside

Our phone is indeed an important asset in our lives, thus sometimes putting it away brings the real value in your life. Almost anytime of the day if you check your phone there is one (or more!) notifications, alerts, emails, unanswered chats that want your attention. But what is truly important in that specific moment? You being a few more minutes online or being fully present where you are? What happens if you answer in 1 hour, 5 hours or one day? Here only you know the answers. Sometimes a few minutes for yourself it is all you need before you return to your daily routine. Each message you receive and read brings an emotion within and a though in the mind. Do you want start your day being guided by the emotions and thoughts others insert upon yourself? Or do you want to start your day how you choose it, feeling in a certain way you chose. Again, only you can answer this questions.

Make a commitment to yourself to do not touch your phone(or the TV/ radio) before 9:00/10:00 am.

Are you willing to do this small action for yourself and “get rewarded” with a more peaceful day?

Laptop, coffee, notebook and lavender flowers for healthy habits to start your day

The 4 healthy habits to start your day mentioned above should not take more than 5 minutes. You probably want to set off in your day and most of the time just in our mind this activities take a long time. Set a timer for the first week and check how much time you actually need for yourself and what are the immense benefits throughout your day.

5. Live your day from your greatness

Make a promise to yourself and do your best to live each day from your heart. Imagine how your day will look like if everyone you meet and work with lives from their greatness. Each person you meet has compassion that you might still be tired from a not so restful sleep, or that you need a vacation; they are kind if they did not understand from the first time what you wanted to say; they show appreciation for your work, commitment and results. Now imagine that YOU are this person and see the impact you have on anyone you interact with. Try it and let me know in the comment section how your life changes for better.

Woman in yellow dress in meditation position at the beach with palm trees behind her: 5 Healthy habits to start your day

Thank you for reading. With love & gratitude,

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