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3 travel gems in South France National Parks

3 travel gems in South France National Parks

Keeping the secret destinations theme actual, today I continue sharing with you 3 gorgeous, picturesque travel gems in South France that we encountered during our summer road trip. Our drive started in Nice and continued towards mountains, leaving the sea behind. In less than an hour we ascended from literally level 0 to more than 1000 m high. The landscape is very arid and the panoramas there are simply unique. Each valley awaits you with different vegetation.

BEST TIME TO VISIT End April – Late September
Nice – Coursegoules Bus – 400

Here are the 3 must see destination we recommend:
1. Coursegoules
2. Castellane
3. Moustier Sanit-Marie

1. Coursegoules

Coursegoules, France - the first travel gem located on a hill

Located in the heart of the Alpes-Maritimes National Parks, one hour drive from Nice you will encounter on a hidden hill, in the warm sun, the commune of Coursegoules waiting to be found. Beautiful white and coloured houses all aligned towards south, creating a bundle of civilisation in the middle of wilderness. You found our first gem!

In the city expect to find a handful of small cafes, narrow streets that go up hill, old stone traditional houses, a church, some small hidden squares,view spots, benches where to sit and free public toilets. In summer time check opening hours before going there, because you might end up drinking your own water and get nothing to eat. Just saying! 😉

2. Castellane

Continuing the road towards Parc Naturel régional du Verdon, at about 1 h drive from Coursegules, you will find the second of our three travel gems in South France I mentioned: Castellane. I totally suggest that you allocate longer time for the drive. The landscape is very scenic and it is worth stopping in all the dedicated parking places. There are some viewpoints on the way, some carved in stone tunnels you have to drive through and the nature that changes with every valley. Here is a small collection of my photos I want to share with you.

If you want to read more about the history of this place, what to do and where else to go , I totally recommend reading more from the official website.

Official Website:

Castellane, South France | narrow streets and wooden doors
Narrow Street in Castellane

3.Moustier Sanit-Marie

The third of our travel gems from South France I share with you lies at another hour drive from Castellane, called Moustier Saint-Marie. If you think that the landscape before was scenic you should see what awaits for you now. I am more than sure you will need at least twice the time to get there and not because of traffic, that is none. 😁 Trust me, it is worth every stop on the way to enjoy those panoramas. #collectmemoriesnotthings 😉

And when you get there, this awaits for you. A small picturesque village all carved in and between the stones. The elevation of the village is between 474 m –1.729 m so get some comfy shoes and a bottle of water because you will climb stairs and hills. There is not much more to say about that place. It is simply gorgeous, so bring your cameras and enough battery, tripods or whatever you need for to collect your memories. There will be some amazing insta photo you will make there. Oh! And if this was not enough, go for the evening so you see how the sun sets upon the city and the hills ❤🙏

Moustier Saint Marie, South France | old town streets. Traditional Faienceier house
Old town streets
Moustier Saint Marie, South France | top view upon city with flying bird
Top view

BONUS – panorama view during your drive – Lake Esparron de Verdon

Did I get your attention now? Ready to take the first flight and visit South of France? Oh yes! And be sure you will find many other hidden treasures there!

Thank you for reading this post. Like and share and let’s keep in touch on social media too Instagram and Pinterest for more travel stories! 🌍❤


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