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San Francisco Pacific Heights

San Francisco Pacific Heights

2 Weeks in USA and 2 full days in San Francisco. What to visit and how to make the most out of it? IMHO the San Francisco Pacific Heights are a must see!

Probably the nicest and most quiet area we visited in San Francisco and totally with it’s own flair. The San Francisco Pacific Heights is a very select neighbourhood, located uphill and it has the most gorgeous beautiful typically San Francisco houses. Just look at these babes!

Out of curiosity we did some research and found out that in 2013 the Pacific Heights were evaluated as the most expensive neighbourhood in the USA. “The article stated that if San Francisco’s Pacific Heights had its own zip code, it would be the most expensive place to live in the United State.” (Source: Wikipedia).

What we loved a lot was that it is almost tourist free! This is something rather rare when it comes to attractions in San Francisco. Relaxed residents walking their dogs in the dog friendly and clean parks located between those gorgeous streets ,or just enjoying their coffees at the local hipster cafe in the corner.

And like the weather wanted to proof everything we heard about this area is true, the sky was perfectly clear blue and there was not a single cloud that morning. This is just a residential building we walked by.

And as if coquette houses and fancy parks were not enough, check out the view in the next photo! This is the lobby view from a residential building where I could shortly get in and get a snap 😄 Usually residential entrances have a doorman but here I might have just been lucky for that moment, so I took advantage of it.


You sticked until the end! Congratulations and thank you for walking along this posh neighbourhood. Ready for your first real estate investment? 😉 I would love to read your thoughts on the San Francisco Pacific Heights or other neighbourhoods in the city! 💒

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