The TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIME MOTHERS (traveling with babies 0-18 months) is now available.
Behind Scenes - Instagram vs Reality Cover

INSTAGRAM VS REALITY | 3 things you didn’t know about this photo

3 things you didn't know about this photo or Instagram vs Reality: the real story behind amazing photos on Instagram. | 5 Tips to live your best life - Cover

5 Tips to live your best life

Recently I was invited by my dear friends Nicoleta Bot – Holistic Yoga Teacher and Oana Mindrut -Wholeness & Harmony Facilitator through Self-love, to participate as a speaker in their 30 days challenge for self love and empowerment. Each guest has the chance to present their “super powers” in making this world a warmer place. […] | Back to Balance Academy - 5 Secrets for Success for Female Entrepreneurs

Back To Balance Academy – 5 Secrets for Success For Female Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post from my dear friends Inese Zute – Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Sara Jager – Embodiment and Empowerment and Holistic Health Coach, sharing their 5 secrets for success as female entrepreneurs. Syncing your Business with your Cycle is the best thing you can do for yourself […] | 20 Photos to Inspire your Next Trip To Aruba


On your next trip to Aruba expect wide, white beaches, breathtaking sunsets on the ocean and warm, turquoise water. 20 photos to inspire you. | Happy Easter - Traditional Egg Decorating Romania Post Cover

Happy Easter | Traditional Easter Eggs Decorating in Romania

Read about Easter Egg Decorating in Romania. As most customs, egg decorating uses a natural technique developed in the countryside. | Our Engagement Story - The Royal Lounge, Le Negresco Hotel, Nice 2020

Our Engagement Story

Today we're celebrating 1 year since we got engaged and we would love to share our beautiful engagement story with you. | 101 steps for an amazing life |A guide for the prefect millennial life

101 steps for an amazing life |A guide for the prefect millennial life

journal. love yourself. drink juices. buy self help books. use shampoo bars. travel the world. Be a perfect millennial. Read this guide. | Travel Store is Online Travel Store is online

smileyioana's travel store is online! This shop is dedicated to all travel enthusiast who want to keep traveling close to their hearts. | Happy New Year - Holiday Greeting Cards

12 best photos from 2020 framed with

Wrapping up 2020 with 12 best photos framed with One photo for each month made in 12 unique digital postcards. | Merry Christmas - Holiday Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas from | 6 Holiday Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas from with 6 Holiday Greeting Cards to share with your dear ones. Thank YOU for being here and being you.

smileyiacoana | 10 Inspirational Books to Read this Winter 2020 Pinterest Pin

10 Inspirational Books to Read in Winter 2021

Too much at home? Here are my 10 picks of inspirational books to read in winter 2021 on self growth, entertainment and general knowledge.

smileyoiana | 7 Tips To Overcome Camera Shyness

7 tips to overcome camera shyness

Feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera? Here are 7 tips in how to overcome camera-shyness, based on my learnings.

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