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Back To Balance Academy – 5 Secrets for Success For Female Entrepreneurs

Back To Balance Academy – 5 Secrets for Success For Female Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post from my dear friends Inese Zute – Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Sara Jager – Embodiment and Empowerment and Holistic Health Coach, sharing their 5 secrets for success as female entrepreneurs.

Syncing your Business with your Cycle is the best thing you can do for yourself as a Female Entrepreneur

If you are like many female entrepreneurs struggling with lack of time and energy and desire to increase your productivity, generate more money and experience more ease and flow in your life and business, then keep reading.  

On the first sight we might not see the connection between the menstrual cycle and business success, but they are much more interconnected than you imagine. Here are our 5 secrets for success for female entrepreneurs why syncing your business with your cycle is worth your attention.

Secret 1 for TIME and PRODUCTIVITY 

Tried different time management techniques and haven’t been able to stick to them? Each phase of the cycle brings a different energy with it and affects how productive we are. Our hormones affect our brain, how we function and what activities we are best at. When you understand that, then you are able to schedule tasks according to your cycle phases, making the most out of them. 

For example – in the menstrual phase the communication between the logical right side of the brain with the feeling on the left side of the brain is best, so it’s the optimal time to do an evaluation of your business and make important decisions. In the luteal phase we are very detail oriented, so it’s best to use this to wrap up projects and finish any pending tasks and errands. 

Once you know what is happening in the month, you will be able to save hours of your time that would otherwise be wasted trying to focus on one task that doesn’t want to flow at all. 

Secret 2 for ENERGY and BETTER HEALTH 

Not only will you stop wasting your precious time, you will also stop wasting your energy, which is even more important. Going against the current requires much more energy than going with the flow, right? So why not take advantage of this principle and start living in your Full Feminine Flow – in the rhythm of your natural monthly cycle. The key here is to surrender to the cycle and honour the resting phase, which is your menstrual phase.

Also 80% of women are experiencing hormonal imbalances, so creating a hormone friendly lifestyle is a top priority for women.  When you start syncing any area of your life with your cycle, you give a chance to your hormones to come back into balance. The magic is that you will feel the effects in every area of your life. 

Secret 3 for CREATIVITY 

When you allow yourself to work in your natural rhythm your creativity will naturally flow. The more in tune you are with your intuition and inner resources and the better you take care of yourself the more space you create for ideas and inspiration to flow through you. 

The core of the menstrual cycle is a creative process – designed to create a new life every month. If you are bleeding, theoretically you have an option to create a new life every month.  When you are conscious about this process, you can use this energy that would be used for creating a new life (just imagine how powerful this is!) for the birth of a new creative project. 

Tapping into the cyclical wisdom shows you that all the resources and answers you need are already inside of you and every month is a beautiful creative cycle. 


The more connected you are to your body, the more you trust your intuition, the more you can enter your feminine flow, the more aware you become of the power you hold inside, the more confident you get. 

And this is the real confidence that emerges from within and doesn’t vanish when you wash away your makeup. It’s the deep feeling of embodying your feminine energy and knowing how to use it in any situation. 

Observing the patterns in your cycle, gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and  quickly shows you what is not working for you or isn’t aligned with your truth. With that you are able to peel back the layers and uncover your unique essence and show up as your authentic self. 

Secret 5 for MONEY 

Time + Energy + Productivity + Creativity + Confidence  = Clients + Money 

What is the natural consequence when you have more time, more energy, more creativity and more confidence? Yes, more money. And it goes deeper than this. The more you know yourself, the more you realise what a powerful, resourceful creator you are. When you are able to acknowledge the abundance within your own being, the more you are able to attract abundance in all areas of your life. When you understand the power you have inside of you to create and sustain life, the more centered you become in yourself, realizing you are resourceful and supported in any given time and that this is something that nobody can take away from you. When you internalise this new perception of yourself as a woman you become more magnetic to money as well.  

What do you think of all this awesome secrets for success for female entrepreneurs? How would your life and business be different if you would have all of the above? If you loved everything that you read make sure check out Back to Balance Academy – My Cycle is My Business Partner powdered by these two successful ladies. Write in the comments below how you manage your success as a female entrepreneur.

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