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Why I changed completely to shampoo bars and 5 reasons you should too

Why I changed completely to shampoo bars and 5 reasons you should too

For me at first this was a simple decision based on practicality. When I made the switch, I have been using for a while shampoo bars and they seemed fine for my hair. Back then I was about to travel for 2 months in warm countries and that is a lot of hair washing for me :)). Do you know how many supplies you need to carry with you for 2 months travel?! Plus, what if they do not have my sort there? So instead of caring 500 ml shampoo bottles, I had ONE 55 grams shampoo bar that lasted the whole trip. That was in November 2017 and since then I have never bought a bottle of shampoo again and here is why:

1. We drown in plastic

as much as we ignore it or we lie to ourselves that if in our little town or neighborhood there is no crisis, on a global scale we drown in our plastic waste. There is just too much we produce and 300 years is a lot of time for it to degrade on its own. So yes, you will reduce the plastic waste you produce and you deserve a clap and a hug for that. Shampoo bars come in a carton box, paper bag or literally nothing.

2. Ethical, vegan, water friendly etc.

they are vegan, Eco friendly and ethically produced, read the labels and choose a brand that offers you that (they all cost almost the same). We are 2019 and we have ALL resources to easily create and use a product that is ethically made. No animal parts in your shampoo and no underpaid labour.

Travel kit containing a metal box, a yellow shampoo bar and a white soap
S E L F M A D E * T R A V E L * K I T

3. More gentle for your skin and hair

All reasons until now were now features related, now let’s talk about it’s designed purpose: washing your hair. It is super easy to use. Just rub it in your wet hair 2, 3 times and then wash normally. They make ridiculously amounts of foams. My hair looks shiny and soft. The chemicals in bottled shampoos were way to strong for my skin and hair and damaged it, more than helping. I feel like I am finally in balance since using this. Make sure you choose the one suited for your hair type.

4. Less Fluids on carry on luggage

Yes, you can take it with in your separately from that 1 liter bag with 100 ml fluids you take with you in your carry on, on your low cost flights. Now you get more room for the important things like highlighters for the evening glow or other skin or beauty care products you need with you on your travels.

5. They last forever

Despite the price that might seem a little higher than your regular shampoo, one bar last forever. I do not know how many bottles of shampoo you use per year or how often do you wash your hair, but this things last for weeks… Yes, you can expect to use a bar up to 2, 3 month. Personally I purchase 3, 4 bars /year and I wash as often as I want to. I can’t tell the exact number because I never remember the last time I bought one.

BONUS TIPS : Storing

Let it dry after every use. I have a randomly metal box where I store it in my travels and home. After every use, leave it’s container open and let it dry. Even better, make sure it is contact with air as much as possible. This way you avoid sticking it the to box, breaking, or just dissolving itself in the remain water.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! Would love to hear what is your personal experience with shampoo bars. Share with us in the comments below. Let’s meet on social media too Instagram and Pinterest.

Always with L ❤ V E,
i o a n a ❤🌍


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