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7 tips for booking cheaper flights

7 tips for booking cheaper flights

We all love to travel and we all love good deals. But can we do something to get the best offers flight companies sell? Yes, we can and today is your lucky day, because I am sharing those tips with you. Ticket prices vary accordingly to the number of days you book in advance. But, did you know that the day of the week or the time in the day when you book the flight matters too? After 7 years of flying over 100 flights with 30+ airlines, I decided to share my experience with you. Here are my 7 tips for booking cheaper flights, that work brilliantly in Europe:

1. Incognito or secret mode in Browsers

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Whether you use Chrome, Opera, Safari or any other browser always, but aaaaaalways search for flight offers using incognito or secret mode. I can not emphasize that enough. In this situation cookies are not your friends. The information about the dates, destination, airports and prices are stored in the cookies for each search. Using this data the search engines won’t show you other relevant offers and will stick to the initial price or even get them higher. Yes, use incognito even for your dates and price researches. Do not let airlines or search portals to know how keen you are to buy that ticket.

2. Be willing to book in advance

What means in advance? Does this apply to all companies? There is a difference between low cost and regular airlines and their ticket pricing algorithms (yes, it involves math too, but not for you now😊). Low cost companies have the best prices the moment they opened the tickets online for the upcoming season/ year. Usually that happens in early winter with offers for the summer season, or spring (sometimes summer) for the winter time. The sooner you get them, the cheaper it is for you. Yes, this might mean you have to book flights 6 months in advance. But if you know you already want to spend next Valentine’s somewhere away, why not do some savings? Low cost companies vary the prices also along the way. Usually 4, 5 weeks before the flight date prices drop again. Not as low as the initial offer, but definitely cheaper than buying one week upon departure.

How about regular airlines? Well the prices usually rise in time and almost never drop. Simply the sooner, the better. The prices won’t rise in time if the flight has a low occupancy. And this brings us at last minute booking: that for me worked two times at intercontinental flights and where as mentioned the occupancy was reduced ( I was flying during the week). For intercontinental flights you can also get amazing deals if you are willing to book 9 to 12 months in advance. Stay open and do your homework if you have the time. It is all worth. If none of this apply to your case, read further.

3. Day and time of the week when you book matters

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Yes, all algorithms of the search machines know our 9 – 5 and weekend schedules. Evenings and weekends people have more time so prices go higher, mornings they can be even 10% lower for exactly the same search. It is all a matter of demand and supply. So, do not be surprised if Tuesday morning you get a better deal for the same dates and destinations, than if you search on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. Do not believe me, go and have a try yourself (of course using incognito mode 😉 ). This trick will help you for booking cheaper flights.

4. Different search engines

This is a very easy task for you, that can save you some good money without doing anything. Airlines sometimes make different deals with companies that sell tickets online. A certain numbers of places sold at a fix price only through their website. That means you might find sales for your flight, that are not listed on the official website. Check different search engines and see what each of them suggest. Find the lowest price and book it right away. The offers can last even for one day.

5. Travel companies/ websites

Another tip to help you booking cheaper flights in checking further the market. As mentioned above some intermediate company might sell you cheaper tickets than the airline itself. It’s not a trap, it’s a deal and buy it right away! 😁 Usually this offer is limited to a certain number of tickets. Even if you get forwarded in the end to the airline website they have to give you the price listed on the search engine, if the deal is still available. Make sure you check the booking conditions when you reserve tickets from other companies than the airline itself. Is only hand baggage included? Do I have to pay extra a for check in luggage? What are the cancellation conditions? Generally this differ from what the airline has to offer, and you buy the ticket from them so you need to get your ducks in a row with them, not with the airline.

6. Research in your country

Mountain view from the airplane

How about the country you travel from? When is it school holiday? What are the main holidays when people travel more than usually? Are there any nearby smaller airports that can offer you better deals? This answers can save a lot of money. Avoid traveling in overcrowded seasons or make sure you get your tickets way in advance. Here only one rule applies: the sooner, the cheaper. I can tell you that in Germany is almost impossible to book spontaneously anything affordable in August or on Christmas time. So be prepared. 😉

7. Low season

Flying outside main season it is waaaay cheaper and there is not much to discuss here. Flight tickets can drop to ridiculous low prices. Are you willing to travel during the week? Then expect even nicer offers, that will leave you some extra cash for a lovely stay or some good food. And what’s in it for you beside saving money? Well if you are not convinced to travel in low season, please read 5 Reasons to travel in low season. 😊

Thank you for reading. Leave a comment and tell us what are your tips for booking cheaper flights? Like, share and let’s keep in touch on social media too: Instagram and Pinterest.

Always S P R E A D I N G   T R A V E L   L ❤ V E,
i o a n a

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