Milano with Baby - Packing list & tips for your city trip -

Milano with baby – Packing List & Tips for your city trip

All you nee to know for your first city trip in Milano with baby: packing list, transportation, sightseeing tips and more.

Best destinations in Bavaria – 20+ Photos to inspire your next trip

For the past four years I’ve been living in Bavaria. All this time we went from mountains to lakes, from cities to rivers and idyllic villages. All this beauty, traditions, hospitality do not stop to bewilder me. The variety and freshness of nature are my favourite things around here. Food too, but I’ll talk about […] | 7 must see spots around lake Starnberg - Boat

7 must-see spots around Lake Starnberg

Munich is among the biggest cities in Europe and one of the most beautiful, with a lot of great places and views. What many tourists don’t know about it is that besides the amazing sights and tourist attractions in the city, Munich is also surrounded by many beautiful lakes. One such place is the Lake […]

7 places to visit when in Corfu

The pandemic made traveling difficult, but that doesn’t mean that we should completely stop. So this year, after a long time spent looking for locations, travel accommodation, and the rules we have to follow, we decided to visit Corfu. We didn’t know a lot about the island, but in the hopes that it was going […]

Day trip to Füssen - old town view

24 hours in Füssen – A Travel Guide for city trips near Munich

Travel Guide and top attraction in Füssen: old town, Hohes Schloss, Neuschwanstein; affordable accommodation and Bavarian cuisine.

Escape Munich for a day at Schliersee

The weekend is coming, and you have no idea what to do? You want to get away from the city, but where to go?! Remember, Bavaria has a lot of places worth visiting. Near Munich there are a great number of lakes, and just an hour away of the city is the beautiful lake Schliersee […] | 7 warm destinations to explore this spring

7 warm destinations to explore in spring 2022

Still following the sun this year? Get inspired with these 7 warm destinations for you to explore in spring 2022. | 20 Photos to Inspire your Next Trip To Aruba


On your next trip to Aruba expect wide, white beaches, breathtaking sunsets on the ocean and warm, turquoise water. 20 photos to inspire you. | 10 Free Travel Wallpapers for your Phone


Bavaria, Malta, Étretat or Austria, mountains & see, sunrises & sunsets are the themes of my 10 Free Travel Wallpapers that I picked for you. | 5 Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks

5 Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks with Itinerary

Looking for amazing shooting spots in Munich? Here are the 5 Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks. Including a Google Maps itinerary. | Aruba Travel Guide - 21 Amazing Facts About Aruba

Aruba Travel Guide | 21 Amazing Facts about Aruba with Photos

Read the most amazing, fun and interesting facts in this Aruba Travel Guide before flying: 21 Amazing Facts about Aruba with Photos. | 3 Travel Lessons from Curaçao - Beach & Waves

How to find inner peace in Curaçao | 3 Travel Lessons

We spent 56 day of summer, joy and peace living the Caribbean life. Read our 3 travel lessons from Curaçao. | Happy Easter - Traditional Egg Decorating Romania Post Cover

Happy Easter | Traditional Easter Eggs Decorating in Romania

Read about Easter Egg Decorating in Romania. As most customs, egg decorating uses a natural technique developed in the countryside. | Meet Bob or How to Save a Life in Curaçao Cover

Meet Bob the Flamingo | How to save a bird’s life in Curaçao

Zed the pigeon is injured. This is his story and yours. How easily you can make a difference when you travel. | Aruba Travel Guide | One Day Heritage Tour Aruba

Aruba Travel Guide| One Day Heritage Tour

Aruba Travel Guide - One Day Heritage Tour takes you to 10 diverse stops to discover Aruba's diverse culture. Lunch stop included. | Traveling in lockdown 2021 - Aruba

Traveling in Lockdown 2021| Tips & Procedures

Missing traveling? Here you find tips and procedures to follow for safe traveling during lockdown in 2021. Official links included.

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