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8 Hidden Gems in Stockholm – Travel Itinerary

8 Hidden Gems in Stockholm – Travel Itinerary

Those who get a chance to visit Stockholm will have an amazing time since the city has so many hidden gems to uncover. Keep reading for a sneak peek of some of the lesser-known things this historical city has to offer and consider adding them to your travel itinerary the next time that you are in Sweden! Many of them require you to walk around, so stow your suitcases or heavy items at a Stockholm luggage storage spot while you are out exploring.

Photo by Raphael Andres on Unsplash

Enjoy the Views from Skinnarviksberget

Skinnarviksberget is a hill in Stockholm and actually stands as the highest natural point in the city. Not many tourists know about it although it is a favorite among locals, and it is a fantastic spot to go for views of the city, especially at sunset. Getting here is a bit of an adventure, so prepare to be hiking for almost an hour. But don’t worry, the spectacular views from the summit are definitely worth the trek!

Stroll Through Waldemarsudde

In the past, Waldemarsudde was the home of a royal named Prince Eugene who had a passion for painting and art. He collected different pieces throughout his life, and after his death, it was all donated to the State and put in a museum for the public to enjoy. You will probably visit this art museum at some point during your stay in Stockholm, but while you are here make sure that you step outside to enjoy the garden and park as well. Many people overlook this part of the establishment and it is a lovely place to go for a relaxing walk!

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Admire the Stadsbiblioteket

Stadsbiblioteket is a public library in Stockholm that boasts a beautiful and unique design. This architectural wonder was designed by Gunnar Asplund, an architect from Sweden. He made the library with a square base but a cylindrical top which is the perfect example of the Swedish Grace style. You can come here to read or just to admire the incredible construction of the library yourself. You will love seeing the towering shelves of books that surround the perimeter of the library, and it is a nice and quiet place to relax as well!

Relax at the Calm Skogskyrkogarden

If you enjoyed the work of Gunnar Ashland at the library then you will definitely want to visit Skogskyrkogarden. He, along with another leading Swedish architect named Sigurd Lewerentz, designed this cemetery sometime between 1917 and 1920, and today it is a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a gorgeous and serene spot, as well as the final resting place of some well-known Swedish figures like the actress Greta Garbo or the world-famous DJ Avicii.

Stop by WIP:sthlm

Recently, Sweden has been more active in the fine arts and design fields, and WIP:sthlm is one of the best spots to go to see what kinds of art are being created here today. In total, the area houses a gallery and 83 studios where about 93 artists work and display their creations. The goal of the space is to encourage artists as well as bring the community together. Some artists collaborate with each other to create some pretty impressive compositions, so if you are a fan of modern art then you will definitely enjoy it here and can maybe even chat with some of the artists!

Experience Historic Sweden at Sigtuna

Those of you who love history will enjoy a day trip out to Sigtuna. This town is located a little way outside of the city center and is Sweden’s oldest town, being founded back in 980. Back in the day, it was the country’s center of commercial activities and today it still boasts many of its old buildings and ancient structures from that time. You will feel as though you’ve traveled back in time. When you visit this hidden gem near Stockholm take time to see the impressive churches from the 14th century as well as an 18th century castle.

Find Hidden Relics in the Castle of Karlberg Park

The Castle of Karlberg dates back to 1634 and still stands strong in the city center of Stockholm. The building is off-limits to the public as it is currently being used as a training facility and a royal military academy. However, you can admire the building from outside and the park surrounding the castle is where the real treasures are hidden. If you explore the area you might come across some cool ancient relics, like the grave of Pombe, a king’s dog who was buried in 1699, as well as the Temple of Diana or even a cool runestone dating back to the Viking Ages.

Photo by Tom Podmore on Unsplash

Explore Stockholm Tunnelbana

This might come as a surprise, but Stockholm’s subway system is actually one of the best ways to see the city, not only because it can get you from place to place but because it offers its own attractions! The city has decorated its underground railway system with colorful artwork and breathtaking murals that give it life and personality. Over 150 artists have their artwork displayed here and exploring all of the stations can be like visiting a free art gallery. Try riding around on the subway the next time that you are in Stockholm and see what kind of murals you come across!

Discovering the Hidden Gems of Stockholm

Stockholm has so many tourist attractions and landmarks where you can go sightseeing, but sometimes it is the hidden gems that really let you get to know a city. Add them to your travel itinerary and take a break from the crowds or just want to see something new, there are a bunch of places that people don’t think of visiting while they are in Stockholm. Travel and visit these places during low season (November to April) and give them the recognition that they deserve!


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