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10 Reasons why I started traveling the world

10 Reasons why I started traveling the world

As you now know, my biggest passion is traveling. I’ve been to a little over 50 countries on 4 continents so far. In addition to beautiful souvenirs, memories and loads of photos from around the world, I “collected” some unique things that I would love to share with you. Today I wrote for you a list with my top 10 reasons why I began traveling the world. Read them below and let me know if you would love to see the world too.

1. New Cultures

My first reason for traveling is discovering new cultures. When I say discovering, I mean to learn some of the traits of cultures that I haven’t meet before. Being there and experiencing myself is the best way for me to understand how life works in different cultures.

Bohol, Philippines 2018

2. Meeting Locals

My second reason for traveling the world is to blend with the locals. I love to do that and I warmly recommend it to you as well. Make sure you spend some time with your B&B host or with the nice lady at the corner shop. Ask around for local places to eat or get a drink. Go there, spend time and try to see the world through their eyes for a few moments. Listen to them and their stories and see what you can learn from that.

3. Local Cuisine

I have to be honest here, but this is a very important reason for me to travel. I am a bit of a foodie myself and I just love exploring international cuisines. An explosion of unfamiliar tastes: sweet, salty, spicy, sour, all these in different combination with exotic fruits and veggies is just a delight for my soul. Make sure when you travel to try the local cuisine. Always choose clean places to eat, but do try some authentic local restaurants and their specialties.

4. Experiences

Being abroad gives you a wonderful opportunity to try things you don’t usually do at home. Be open to something fresh and fascinating, such as a visit to a special museum (like the Stuttgart’s Pig Museum or the Museum of Broken Hearts in Zagreb), a new sport or an exquisite activity (like riding a camel or snorkeling with whale sharks). Try to ensure you find out the top activities in your area and try out some of them.

500 m long flying fox over 600 m deep river valley, Bohol, Philippines 2018

5. Getting out of your comfort zone

If you just try one thing for each of the above mentioned points I can assure you that you will take some big steps outside your comfort zone. That is wonderful, because we all know that there is that sweet spot where personal growth begins. All these experiences will get you more confident in your own skin. In addition to them this it is a great chance to expand your knowledge and the vision on how you see the world. And this brings us to point no 6 of my list with 10 Reasons to start traveling the world.

6. Expanding your knowledge and view on the world

Interacting with international cultures, living abroad even for shorter period of times does influence the way you see and comprehend the world. Traveling makes you compassion for the less fortunate you meet on the way and makes you appreciate more where you come from. Traveling shows you how happy people around the world can be with much less than you have and how certain cultures are close and connected to nature. Traveling shows you that on a normal (for you) Tuesday of September some cultures celebrate the greatest holiday of the year (for me it was Galungan on 06.09.2016 in Bali Indonesia). Traveling opens your eyes on how relative things in your life truly are.

Galungan 2016, Bali, Indonesia

7. Fellow Travelers

Back in 2018 I backpacked solo in Asia for 2 months. I have been in 4 countries and I flew around 10 flights, but I’ve never really been alone. Each day at breakfast, at a coffee shop or at a street light even, I met other fellow travelers like me. Some of them were solo, others were in groups, all eager to meet new people and share the wonders of day together. On your travels, you will meet remarkable people, many of whom you will never see again, but with whom you have shared some of the best moments of your life together. Stay open to meet other fellow travelers.

8. Languages

Just to be clear on this one, traveling one week on a Greek islands won’t make you fluent in Greek. And 3 weeks of backpacking in South America would not make you fluent in Spanish. But I can tell you for sure that you will learn words, expressions, names of places and things in languages you have never thought of studying. Will this serve you in life? Well I can tell you that the sweetest sounds to a person’s heart are the sounds in their mother language. Remember this next time you want to make friends abroad.

9. Freedom

Have you noticed the freedom that you have while traveling? There are no more thoughts about monthly bills, your boss, your neighbors being loud or what activates you should plan this weekend. There is mainly you, being in a completely new place, being aware, being carefree. When I travel, I love to live the moment and enjoy the journey. I am careful that I stay safe and I let the wind and the sun take me to spectacular new places. If you don’t relate with this it is totally fine. We all have our own unique ways of experiencing life. Yet traveling brings the ultimate freedom for me.

10. Transforming to an improved version of yourself

After spending 2 months backpacking in Asia, speaking different languages, meeting people from all over the world, sharing the best moments and adventures of my life, I came home as a new person. Not much had changed meanwhile at my office, but I wasn’t the same shy person I was when I left 2 months before.

Now what do you say about this? What are your reasons for traveling the world? Do you relate with any of the points I wrote? Share in the comments below. Thank you for reading. Let’s stay in touch on social media too, for more travel stories on Instagram and Pinterest! 🌍❤

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