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Best plane window views that will make you fall in love with flying

Best plane window views that will make you fall in love with flying

One of the things I love the most when flying is seeing the world from above. If possible I always get the window seat and a good spot in the plane. Flying to different countries brings so much diversity to see how our planet looks like from up there. Here I share my personal collection of best plane window views that will make you fall in love with flying. All photos were taken in our travels between 2016 and 2021.

When I was 12 I flew for the first time. It was a national flight form my hometown, Timisoara to the capital, Bucharest. My grandmother was taking me and my uncle to the sea side and wanted to offer us this special gift.
I remember getting a candy from the flight attendant to help my ears pop.
I don’t remember having a window seat, but I remember the joy and curiosity to see the world form above. Everything was looking so small and it did not made much sense to me back then. The flight was about an hour, our excitement lasted for days and the memories for years.

Pink Sea, Iran

Going forward to 2021 I have been in over 150 flights, on 4 continents traveling to over 50 countries. Having a window seat is still one of the things I enjoy the most even today. And what surprises me the most is that even after so many flights there is always something new to see from above. Here are the best plane window views from our travels that I want to share with you. Where do you choose your seat in the plane?

Bonaire, Caribbean Sea | Iran

Holland | Fuerteventura, Spain

Austrian Alps

Venice, Italy | Frankfurt, Germany

Circular Rainbow | Nice, France

Photo by Susan Q Yin on Unsplash

Fuerteventura, Spain | San Francisco, USA

How much do you love flying? Where did you see the best plane window view on your flights? Comment below and share that with us. Let’s stay in touch on social media too, for more travel stories on Instagram and Pinterest! ioana❤🌍


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