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Fuerteventura the Island of Surf, Raw Beaches and Naked Butts

Fuerteventura the Island of Surf, Raw Beaches and Naked Butts

Two weeks have passed by since we came back from our 4 days adventure in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain and I can’t stop thinking about that place. This island was beyond expected and offered more than we imagined when it came to nature, sports and free time. Besides the surf lessons, sheep milk soaps, raw beaches and nature, as a bonus we had a lot of butts too. And I am not talking about cigarette butts, BUT I will get to this point later on.


was pure shock. I had the feeling we landed on Mars and I was just looking around for aliens to greet us. The island is arid and there is NO vegetation. It rains approximately 16 days a year, so you are very lucky to be living one of those days… or not. The rain 💦 amount is ridiculously low making it difficult for nature to flourish on it’s own.

The landscape set up has hills and volcanic mountains, and it is basically formed by rocks and sand, not even grass or pine tree forests like on other islands in that area. The colour of the landscape varies between brown-orange and black, due to the former volcanic activities that formed this island.

Let’s get this straight. There are palm trees in the cities and resorts and there are colored exotic flowers and there is green grass. Everything is men watered and seeded.


After passing that lunar scenery and reached the shoreline everything changed. We drove on the south of the island where we encountered endless, wide, raw beaches with fine sand. You can walk for kilometres at low tide so bring along your step counting bracelets and apps.

The nature in the South of the island is simply spectacular. The credit goes to the Atlantic Ocean, for carving those beaches in the mountains. Everything is untouched and you have the chance to feel the nature in all it’s power. In areas like Costa Calma, Esqinzo, Coralejo or Sotavento you will encounter turquoise water, so have your cameras along for those Insta shots you will spam your followers with.

The shallow water goes meters into the ocean, making it swimmer friendly when the waves are moderate or small. The breeze is strong and it last for days, but despite that it is always warm. Up to here we know why Fuerteventura is the island of great beaches, now let’s see what about surf.


The continuous wind forms great waves creating a surfer paradise. The waves are moderate at most beaches, so this is your chance too learn to surf! Weather you choose a wind surf, a catamaran or just a plain surf board, the offer on Fuerteventura is abundant. The island is filled with surf schools and great instructors that can accompany you from day one. No former experience needed.

Did we tried to surf?
Did we enjoy it?
Did we have muscle pain in most parts of the body the next day?
Oooh YES!
Will we do it again?


So I mentioned that Fuerteventura is the island of raw beaches and surf , but what about that last point? As much as this is non selling point of your holiday on Fuerteventura, it is indeed something that belongs to the whole experience there.

Mainly in the southern part of the island, where the beaches are wide, raw and free from any commercial areas and far away from city life there are dedicated (or not) areas for nudists. The beaches are crowded with naked men and women enjoying true freedom and the beauty of the place.

So do check your background when you take selfies and pictures, before you send any to your family! Unless you really want that 😉 Sorry, no pictures at this chapter. I do not want to spoil the surprise.


Fuerteventura is your perfect island for surf, beaches and sports. It is also a great destination during winter time: the water has about 20°C, the air temperature is around 25°C, the day has approximately 7 h of sun and the beer there is always cold! 😎 What could you wish for more, instead of grey, cold, wet days? Apparently the weather is rather constant throughout the year and tourists are visiting all year round. If you are not convinced to travel outside summer holiday time here are 5 Reasons to travel in low season.

I would love to share with you one last glance at a marvellous sunset at Esquinzo beach.

Have you ever been in the Fuerteventura or in the Canary Islands? How was your experience there? I would love to read your comments below. Like and share and let’s keep in touch on social media too Instagram and Pinterest.

S P R E A D I N G * T R A V E L * L O V E 🌍
i o a n a ❤


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