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Traveling in Lockdown 2021| Tips & Procedures

Traveling in Lockdown 2021| Tips & Procedures

Back in December we decided that we will no longer wait for the restriction to change and that we will start traveling again. It had been months since we last flew on a vacation or to a new travel destination. Now in February 2021 we are in Aruba doing it again: traveling in lockdown. | Traveling in lockdown 2021 - Aruba

Divi Beach, Aruba 2021


Mandatory Entry Requirements & Aruba Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19 -> HERE.
Fuerteventura & the Canary Island -> HERE.

TIP 1 Inform yourself from official sources

Please always read official information from the government websites before booking anything. Make sure you check the laws of the country you fly to, from the country you live in. On a weekly basis, laws adjust so you want to make sure you have the latest and reliable sources.

TIP 2 Research your destination

Remember how you were researching your destination before traveling? It’s the same now, except you’ll have to check whether tourists from your country are approved by the country you want to travel to. We originally planned to fly to South Africa this year. Between we started our research and the time we wanted to fly, South Africa was on the highest risk list. We abandoned mission and started searching for a new destination that will accept us without being quarantined. This is how we found Aruba in February 2021. | Traveling in lockdown 2021 - Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Sunrise – December 2020

Traveling in Europe in lockdown| Fuerteventura, December 2020

Munich was in the second lockdown for a few weeks when we decided to take a one week vacation in the Canary Islands. To be straight clear from the start, this time we were on a resort vacation and did not travel as we usually do. By the time I booked the trip, the Canary Islands were free (green list) for traveling for Germany. I did some research before and almost everywhere else we went in Europe or outside, we had to stay in quarantine upon return. For Fuerteventura we were not quarantined neither on arrival nor return.
Read more about Fuerteventura as a destination: Fuerteventura, the Island of Surf, Raw Beaches and Naked Butts.


To be able to travel to the Canary Islands in December 2020 we had to:
1. Take a test that was maximum 72h before entering Spain
2. Register on the official Spanish website
3. Install and use a Corona tracking app while being in Spain

Everything was much easier than you imagine. All the fear, worry and anxiety was just in our heads. The traveling itself happened almost as usual. The difference was that we could not check in at the airport without the negative test result. Considering the circumstances I find this rule rather fair and liberating. We did have to wear masks anyway during the flight. This was an insignificant price for us to pay, that we can be somewhere warm and have a vacation. We entered the country easily and safely. In order to check in at the resort we had to show again the negative test results. From here it was just freedom and fun. VACATION!

TIP 3 Book a traveling package with insurance

We booked a traveling package with TUI Germany, that offered both flight and accommodation. To be on the safe side, additionally they offered in the traveling package 3 different insurances for trip cancelation, return in case of emergency and health. We did not book any additional insurances for this adventure. | Traveling in lockdown 2021 - Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Sunrise – December 2020

Traveling Intercontinental in Lockdown| Aruba, Feb 2021

As you have seen by now on Instagram we “escaped” the lockdown again and made it to Aruba. Germany was still in the second lockdown when we left. | Traveling in lockdown 2021 - Aruba


TIP 4 Book your travel with big companies and avoid intermediate dealers

We bought the flights directly from KLM, the accommodation from AirBnb and the car from Sixt (we love and trust German brands). Our thought was to avoid any intermediate dealers, to keep any upcoming changes as simple as possible. Our decision was the right one. We could easily change our return flight and the customer support was very helpful.


What did we do to enter Aruba?
1. To travel to Aruba you need to register officially and receive an online ED Card.
2. Purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance that covers some costs if you get positive with Corona while visiting.
3. We had to take a test 72h before arriving in Aruba and they specifically asked to be taken from  the nose. 
4. In order to enter the Netherlands and change flights, we had to take another test, an antigen one maximum 4h prior to the flight. These ones were available in the airport, at additional cost, of course.
5. Additionally we made a traveling insurance that was valid for travels in high risk areas. Check with your insurance provider if your insurance is valid in the country you travel to, before flying there. This step was optional.

This time I must admit that the process was a bit more demanding and had more steps. I do not consider it light and easy as last time, but it is totally doable. The travel lasted for 18h where most of the time we wore masks. It was still the best decision and we are thrilled to be now in Aruba.

Did you travel in lockdown in 2021? Do you have questions or a story to share? Write in the comments below. I would love to read them. Let’s stay in touch on social media too, for more travel stories on Instagram and Pinterest! ioana❤🌍


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