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Secret Paradise in Austria – Hallstatt |A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Secret Paradise in Austria – Hallstatt |A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Our travels are very simple: we pick a destination (location, mountain, area), we book something in the area that resonates with us (something local, cosy, warm, with breakfast!!!) and then we hit it there without any plans. None. Zero. Nada. Nothing. 👌

We love to be spontaneous and discover things on the way. We let ourselves guided by locals, crowds, churches, squares and we always end up having remarkable experiences. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that where is the church that is the city center, there is a square in front of it and a restaurant next to it. You can always start there and see where the narrow streets take you after.

So based on our pattern we left towards Austria for a rock climb (via ferrata) and some discovery weekend: let’s see where we get and we decide there what to do. After the climb on Saturday we took a look on the map for our return drive and realized that the whole area is surrounded by lakes. Austria, who wouldn’t guess?! 😋 That was a perfect starting point that could cover a whole road trip day. Next day in the morning we set our destination to the nearest lake, which by noon we realized it was a completely different one that we intended to go. Oh don’t worry, everything was so charming that it took us a few hours to realize we are somewhere else. By the evening we did not only get amazed by one, but two beautiful lakes and around 4 different locations we found on the way. All in one day. ❤ (Planet Earth is just wonderful! I had to say this now!)

Now this post is dedicated to the last location we encountered, called Hallstatt. A beautiful picturesque village at the mountain’s feet and on the shore of the lake Hallstättersee. Nowadays it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place dates back in the 500 BC. I will not get you into all the historic details, they are all on Wikipedia, but I would love to show some charming captures of this idyllic city. Let the images talk for themselves.


There are not many things I need to tell you in advanced about Hallstatt. The place is small and everything is very intuitive to find. I suggest you let yourself get lost on the streets and discover everything on your own. Also the place is very touristy so it is marked everywhere with the important attractions you should visit. The city might not be that well discovered by Europeans but it is pretty flooded with tourists coming from all over the world. 🌍 In the evening it got really quiet and peaceful though and you could really feel the magical vibe of the place.


Well this was fun. There are no parking areas for tourists in the city center of Hallstatt (you actually do not want nor need this), but no worries everything is well organised around. You need to drive through tunnels around the city and at the end very well marked a big parking place awaits for you. You need to pay of course.
TIP in the tunnel there is one exit that leads to a “secret” park place with very few spaces. You are really lucky to get one spot there, but it would be totally worth if you do, for the view you have there. 👍

Hallsttätersee lake reflection in the harbor
H A P P Y * M O M E N T S

Now be honest and tell me what do you think about Hallstatt. Isn’t it just unique? I would love to read your opinion in the commments below. Let’s meet on social media too Instagram @smileyioana and Pinterest @smileyioana.

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