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Faroe Islands – Travel and hiking tips|Interview with @backpackingtheworld_

Faroe Islands – Travel and hiking tips|Interview with @backpackingtheworld_

We are @backpackingtheworld_ a Danish couple that travels the world on a budget with a backpack. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine a life without travelling!

It all began back in 2016. We wanted to try something new so we began planning a 5-months trip to Asia. Here we visited Thailand, Philippines, Maldives, New Zealand and New York City.  That really fired up our travel lust and now we are planning our third journey that takes us around Scandinavia and Europe in a motorhome together with our dog, Zita.

We have travelled a lot of countries, since we started dating back in 2013. The list is long and besides the countries mentioned above it includes Bali, Australia, Vietnam and Faroe Islands!

SAKSUN, FAROE ISLAND @backpackingtheworld_

Photo Source @backpackingtheworld_

How did you organize this trip?

We planned our trip to the Faroe Islands the same way as we always do; we research a lot on Google, Instagram and YouTube. We have never used an agency to help us planning a trip, as we do not feel it is a free way of travelling – we like being impulsive!

Our visit to Faroe Islands this year was not our first visit. We also visited the mountainous country back in 2018 in autumn. We fell in love with the vibe and the stunning nature – so we knew that we had to go back again at some point.

At our first trip we didn’t visit a lot of places and sights, so this year we wanted to do it differently and plan it well. YouTube and Instagram helped us a lot on that!

Faroe Island Cliffs

Photo Source @backpackingtheworld_

What were your favourite sights on Faroe Islands?

Faroe Islands has so much to offer which also makes it quite hard to point out some places that were our favourites. However, Kallur Lighthouse on the island Kalsoy made a huge impression on us – it was like standing on the edge of the world. We didn’t get the pictures that we wanted because of strong winds and bad weather. But it still was impressive!

Another sight that we really liked was the small village, Eiði. Here you will find a football field situated on the cliff edge. The football field is now used as a camp site. That was so cool! A short hike from the field we found an impressing waterfall that debouched into the ocean. We had it all to ourselves which made it all even more magical. So, if going to Faroe Islands we really recommend going here!

Other sights that we recommend are: Gasaldur, Sørvagsvatn, Funningur, Klaksvik and Gjogv!

Faroe Island

Photo Source @backpackingtheworld_

What is one thing travelers must do when they are there?

That is to hike! You can get a lot of experiences without hiking on Faroe Islands. But the best sights are to find at the end of a hike. So, if travelling to Faroe Islands it is a good idea to bee in a good shape. Most of the hikes are steep and require you to be fit. But it is all worth the struggle as you are always guaranteed a beautiful and stunning view.

A good tip is to rent a car. The infrastructure is quite good so renting a car is an easy way to get around on the islands!

Faroe Island

Photo Source @backpackingtheworld_

Any tips travelers should know before going to Faroe Islands?

Well, make sure to pack a winter jacket – also in summer. Faroe Islands has an arctic climate. So even though it is summer the temperature might only rise to 8 degrees on a windy and rainy day. However, if you are lucky you will also experience days with 14-18 degrees with almost no wind.

Most important is to keep a distance to the edges of the cliffs. It is very dangerous getting too close to the edges, as you will die if falling. If you do not die immediately after a fall into the ocean you will die from freezing before anyone can reach you. Tourists and locals have lost their lives because they were not paying attention or wanting the “perfect picture” – so take care! Also, never hike alone as the weather chances all the time!


Photo Source @backpackingtheworld_

A big thank you for @backpackingtheworld_  for you for sharing all this amazing tips and photos with us.

And you amazing people, thank you for reading. Make sure you connect with us on Instagram @backpackingtheworld_  and  @smileyioana .


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