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7 tips to overcome camera shyness

7 tips to overcome camera shyness

Camera shyness (yes, it is a thing) represents the desire to avoid being photographed or filmed. There are many reasons why one can have this, but today none of them are important. Here are 7 tips that I used to overcome camera shyness and feel confident to post content.


This is one of the most important tasks for you. Make sure you feel at best at the moment the picture is taken: you love the clothes you are wearing, how the make up looks that day, your hair looks nice etc. There is a big chance you will not like the result if any of those is not right.


Take the pictures in a place you love. If the sea makes you happy, a city street or simply your room background, take more pictures there. Don’t worry if you get more good shots in one session, they can be used as content with other later occasions.


This was as tricky for me as overcoming the fear of what others will think of my content. Honestly posing is not my speciality, but the internet has loads of resources to teach you tricks to look good in photos. Listen to all those talented ladies and men and see how they can help you. Exercise with your friends see how fast you can make progress. Maybe the day will come and I too shall write a few tips on how to look good on photos. 😉


Another important step in overcoming camera shyness is to edit your photos afterwards. Do not be shy to do this, everyone online is editing their photos. No one just woke up like this and most crazy pink sunsets are saturated. If you know a leading account that shares unedited photos please share that with me too. I would love to see those photos.

Adjust the lighting, the shadows, saturation or anything you need in order to feel that the result represent you. My suggestion is not to Photoshop physical aspects of you body you feel insecure about, but to create a pleasant and balanced composition in your captures where you feel secure.

If you are new to Instagram read here 5 Edit Tips for Awesome Instagram Photos.


First, share your photos with a small group of people. For example change a profile picture on an app or post a picture with yourself on a social media account where you trust the people that see it. See how they react and if this boosts your confidence to go bigger.


Eventually the time will come to share your content with larger communities, so why not start sooner than later? Just think of this question. Which fear is great for you: the one of what people think or the one of you not speaking your truth and putting yourself out there because of what people might think?

You have no idea how afraid I was to start this website and how long it really took me to get here. The idea of not doing this because of what others may say, was for me overpowered by the desire to share with the world things I do, love or learn. Be true to yourself and you will know your answer. Remember you can always archive your content afterwards if you still feel uncomfortable with it. (I never done that as a matter of fact!)


Remember to stay true to yourself and don’t try to copy someone else style. Not only that you will shine your own unique light, but the rest will be attracted to your particular approach of content. That is what we all want in the end: to be appreciated for who we are.

If none of the above works, you know what? That is fine too! We all have our individual superpowers and content can be created in so many different ways. All you have to do is to have fun and love what you share regardless if you are in it or not ❤

If you liked reading this, let’s stay in touch on social media too. Here is my Instagram and Pinterest. See you there!

ioana ❤🌍

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