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5 days salad challenge | STAY AT HOME

5 days salad challenge | STAY AT HOME

The salad challenge idea started right after Easter when we were just floating at home in all sorts of Easter chocolate. Even though we could not meet anyone, that did not stop them to send us some yummy treats. After making the “spring salad” (first image ) I decided it is time for us to add some greens and freshness in our diets. This was a 5 days challenge on my INSTAGRAM account where anyone could tag their creation afterwards.

Here are my 5 salad ideas that you can prepare in the comfort of your home. You do not have to use the exact ingredients. Get creative, use what you have and most of all stay healthy!


Everything is easier with a good preparation. Here are the ingredients you need for the whole week. I marked also the day of the week so you know how much to buy and when you need them, to have them fresh.

  • lettuce – Mo
  • baby spinach – Mo, Tue
  • fresh veggies – Mo, Tue
  • tomatoes for 3 salads – Mo, Tue, Wed
  • 2 lemons – Mo, Tu, Wed
  • 1 can sweet corn for 2 salads – Mo, Thur
  • canned chickpeas -Tue
  • 100 gr quinoa – Tue
  • 150 gr couscous – Wed
  • fresh parsley -Wed
  • fresh mint – Wed
  • potatoes – Thur
  • spring onion – Thur
  • 200 gr pasta – Fr
  • 100 gr cherry tomatoes -Fr
  • mini mozzarella -Fr
  • rocket salad – Fr
  • Olive oil, Salt, Pepper – All salads


MONDAY we are starting the week with greens. Choose your favourite greens, wash them good, slice and add them to your salad. Season with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.

5 Days Salad Challenge


TUESDAY is Buddha Bowl day. Did you know that the name comes from the shape of the bowl that is round like that belly of Buddha?


Wednesday we go oriental. And what gives a better oriental tasted than fresh parsley, mint and lemon juice on the top of a big bowl of couscous?


THURSDAY it is time for some central Europe salad with boiled potatoes, pickles and scallion (spring onion). Don’t forget to season with olive oil, salt and pepper. For extra taste add some of the pickle water from the jar. Enjoy!


FRIDAY what better way to end a successful healthy week than with a delicious Mediterranean salad? The sweet cherry tomatoes, green olives and rocket leaves will bring Mediterranean vibes right into your kitchen. Now that the week is over: Cheers! 🍷

Now what do you think about the those delicious salads? Are you ready to take the 5 days salad challenge? I already feel healthier just by looking at them.  Share your creations with us and let’s stay in touch on social media! INSTAGRAM: @smileyioana PINTEREST: @smileyioana

If you still have some extra time afterwards here are 21 CREATIVE IDEAS TO PASS TIME WHILE YOU STAY AT HOME .

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