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12 best photos from 2020 framed with

12 best photos from 2020 framed with

Happy New Year! 🎉May 2021 be a year filled with love, travels, beautiful adventures and wonderful people! May 2021 be the year you thrive. May 2021 be THE year! Today I will share my 12 best photos from 2020 framed with

2020 has been now officially closed and I am looking back with gratitude, love and appreciation. Even though it has been for sure the weirdest years of them all, it has been a beautiful year: we traveled for the first time in USA, we got engaged, we hiked, did a girls trip in Northern France, slept under the stars in Bavaria and closed the year at our favorite beach in Fuerteventura. As all years it had its ups and downs for sure, but now I would love to share my 12 best photos from 2020 framed with

square cards are digital and paper square postcards. You create them using predefined templates online. You add your personal photos and text. If you love them that much, order them printed too and share them with your dear ones.

Bryce Canyon, USA

Our Engagement in Nice, France

Sleeping under the starts, Herzogstand, Bavaria, Germany

Home in Munich, Germany

Königsee, Bavaria, Germany

Bavarian Alps, Germany

Girls Trip, Normandy, France

Birthday Girl, Munich, Germany

Sylvensteinspeicher, Bavaria, Germany

Halloween in Ludwigsburg, Germany

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Fuerteventura, Spain

These were my 12 best photos from 2020 framed in 12 square cards. Have you created yours already? Like and share this post. Let’s keep in touch on social media, Instagram and Pinterest, for more travel stories in 2021! 🌍❤


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