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Merry Christmas from | 6 Holiday Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas from | 6 Holiday Greeting Cards

This is a different a post. This post is for YOU! Yes, you there, behind that screen. Thank you for being here and for being you. Thank you for your time, curiosity and generosity. What better way can I say Merry Christmas than offering you 6 Holiday Greeting Cards to share with your dear ones?

What a year this has been! I can only express my gratitude for the things I have learned throughout this year, the lessons and our growth. It is a good time to stop and reflect on everything that happened. Stop one moment from everything you are doing and be grateful to yourself. You got to end of this year stronger, brighter, more determined and wiser. It is only you, you have to thank.

Thank You

From my side I can only say thank you for your time during the year, for stopping by, reading, commenting, linking and sharing. They all brought value to yourself and to . I am thankful for that and I am thankful for having you as my dear reader. Here are the 6 Holiday Greeting Cards I created for you using photos from our travels.

The first Christmas Tree photo was taken in Fuerteventura, Spain in December 2020 in our escape vacation. The second Christmas tree with the pretzel was taken in December 2019 in Alsace, France. The jolly colorful lights were photographed early this year in Nice, France when we got engaged. Whilst the last photo with the “explosive” light it is actually a chandelier from a beautiful cottage in Zillertal , Austria. All pictures taken by me, for you! 😉 Enjoy.

Thank you for being here. Merry Christmas and do share these Holiday Greeting Cards with your dear ones. Make someone’s holidays special.

Let’s meet on social media too: Instagram and Pinterest 🌍❤


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