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4 Different Travel Ideas to Book in Spring 2023

4 Different Travel Ideas to Book in Spring 2023

Are you looking for some exciting travel ideas to book in spring 2023? With the winter season coming to a close, it’s time to start planning your next adventure. Spring is the perfect time to explore new destinations, enjoy pleasant weather, and take a break from the routine. If you already had a thought for a different travel style and you are still looking for inspiration this post is for you.

1. Language learning vacation

A language learning vacation can be an excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in a foreign culture while improving language skills. Whether it’s Spanish in Spain, French in France, or Mandarin in China, studying a language in its native country offers a unique chance to experience the language in a real-life setting. Starting form a week up to a month or longer, depending on your budget and desire to learn, you can book online in different portals your stay. Some language schools even offer accommodation in house, while others at local families.

In 2014 I booked for the first time a language vacation to learn Spanish in Malaga. For 2 weeks along with other travel enthusiasts, we learned Spanish basics in the mornings, we went to beach in the afternoon, we went sightseeing, went to party and ate amazing tapas. It was fun and a great opportunity back then to travel solo, but still be surrounded by like minded people. Here are 6 Solo Travel Ideas for Your First Trip if you are considering such an adventure.

2. Volunteering abroad vacation

Volunteering during a vacation can be a life-changing experience, both for the volunteer and the community they serve. It offers a unique opportunity to give back, learn new skills, and experience a new culture. A volunteering vacation can be especially rewarding as it allows travelers to make a positive impact while traveling. From marine conservation projects in the Maldives to teaching English to children in South America, there are countless opportunities to volunteer abroad.

In 2018 I decided to spend Christmas volunteering at a turtle sanctuary in the Maldives. It’s a great way to travel with a purpose and to return home with new perspectives and memories that will last a lifetime. The Atoll Volunteers in the Maldives organised the accommodation, meals and cultural activities. Together with other fellow travelers we took part in the daily routine at the Marine center, while learning continuously about marine life. Years later I can still say it was one of the most wonderful travel experiences of my life.

3. Yoga retreat in Tenerife

My inspiring friend Joanna Walton has an invitation and a perfect travel idea for spring 2023.

Are you longing to deeply nourish and recharge your body, mind and soul? Come along for our yoga retreat „Heart Connection“ at Easter. We’re slowly starting the day with gentle and activating yoga classes and meditations, finding our center. Connecting with our bodies and emotions in new ways, learning about our energy centers and how to balance them in our daily lives. Nourishing ourselves with delicious plant based food and learning naturopathic tricks that support our wellbeing. Participating in afternoon group activities that connect us with other heart-centered souls and support us in exploring ourselves in playful and creative ways. Being deeply held and supported by a group while having an amazing holiday.

Yoga retreat flyer for spring 2023 in Tenerife

If this speaks to you, join us in the sunny South of Tenerife. We’re staying in the heart of a banana plantation within walking distance from the ocean and beautiful sunsets. The retreat takes place from April 8-15th.

To make Easter magical get in touch with Joanna or book directly

4. Spring Road Trip

My last travel idea for spring 2023 is a ROAD TRIP! A road trip is a classic vacation idea that’s perfect for spring. You could rent a car from Sixt and hit the open road, exploring scenic routes and stopping at interesting towns along the way. One of my favorite road trip was back in 2019 in the Southern France. For 10 days we stopped along the way from Nice through the Alps in the National Parks and all the way back to Cannes. We found some amazing Hidden Travel Gems and enjoyed them in our own pace.

What is the best thing about hitting the road before June? Europe and most countries have low season for traveling meaning that roads are free, entrances cheaper, restaurants less crowded and attractions sometimes only for yourself. Did I made you curious? Read 5 Reasons to travel in low season.

Feeling inspired to book any of this travel ideas in spring 2023? Write in the comments below which of the ideas you already did and which ones you would consider booking.

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