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7 warm destinations to explore in spring 2022

7 warm destinations to explore in spring 2022

Are you still following the sun in 2022? This article is for you. Are you a sun and summer lover that looks forward for some warm rays on the skin? This article is for you. Do you daydream of your last summer destination and keep posting the same pictures on social media? This article is for you. Get inspired with these 7 warm destinations to explore in spring 2022.

Málaga, Spain

In southern Spain by the sea lies a lively town called Málaga. It is the hometown of Picasso and Antonio Banderas and a great destination to eat delicious tapas. The city’s vast history can be seen just by a short walk in the center, where between former thick walls lies the fortress Alcazaba. A wonderful mixture of Andalusian traditions, Arabic history and Spanish cuisine are just a few reasons to spend a few days in Málaga. With temperatures up to 20°C in April this city awaits for you to explore it.

Malta and Gozo

One peaceful warm destination for this spring and a country each traveler should visit is Malta and it’s island Gozo. With temperatures up to 20°C in April, Malta is a perfect place to start summer earlier. Spring is the “lush” season on these arid islands. You should expect blossoming vegetation, green fields and a low season for tourism in the early months of the year. Prepare to see the island like never before. Here are 5 reason to travel to Malta in low season.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

One of my persona favorite destinations in Europe is the Spanish island Fuerteventura, located in the Canary Islands. The wide raw beaches, the continues winds that make this island a surf paradise and the warm ocean are my top reasons to come back to this warm paradise. You should expect up to 22°C even in wintertime (!) and water temperature around 21°C. If you are still looking for arguments to visit Fuerteventura, here you can read the impressions from our first travel.

Nice, France

There is no complete European travel guide without the French Riviera. On the pebbly shores of the Mediterranean sea in southern France lies another must see destination: Nice. A bit colder, but still very sunny April temperatures go up to 16°C. Here you can spend the days with romantic walks on promenade des Anglais, have a lunch by the sea or wander bewildered the harbor filled with luxury yachts. Nice holds one dear story very close to our hearts: Our Engagement Story.

Marrakech, Morocco

Leaving the European territory for a 4 hours flight and an experience like in 1001 Nights we will arrive to exotic Morocco. With temperature from 20°C to 25°C from February to April, Marrakech’s old streets awaits your footsteps. Touristy friendly medina (the old town) is filled with attractions that can keep you walking the whole day. Sleeping in a riad and having a taste of the delicious tajine are a must. If you have an extra day, make sure to book a camel tour. There are many animal friendly options.

Ronda, Spain

Approximately 100km away from Málaga on a mountaintop you will find Ronda se dramatically above a deep gorge. The old town and new town are split in two by this gorge called El Tajo. The city is very touristy and crowded in peak season. A visit during spring will allow you enjoy warm temperatures as 16°C in February up to 22°C in April. In the sunny days you can wander the narrow streets of the old town, try some local cuisine in one of the many restaurants or visit the bullring.

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

My last but not least choice for 7 warm destinations for you to explore this spring are the spectacular Algarve in southern Portugal. One flight to Faro and a short drive to Lagos will bring you in the heart of these mesmerizing orange cliffs. Spring temperatures start warming up the coast reaching by the end of April 20°C. The water temperature stays cold around the year, peaking 21°C in summertime. The continuous wind and Atlantic’s strong waves sculptured the entire coast transforming it in to a vacation paradise. Still not convinced? Have a look at these 5 must see beaches while hiking the Algarve coast.

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