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INSTAGRAM VS REALITY | 3 things you didn’t know about this photo

INSTAGRAM VS REALITY | 3 things you didn’t know about this photo

We all know those perfect Instagram accounts with a perfect feed and perfect photos. Very few content creators tell you the real stories behind those “I just woke up like this”, “no filter” shots. Very few creators share the amount of work, travel, time they invest for their amazing profiles. Some of those captures have funny stories behind, some involve many editing skills and some are one pick from a long series of takes. Here I will share the Instagram vs Reality for 5 photos from my Instagram account @smileyioana.

Königsee, Bavaria

  1. You need to walk barefoot in the cold water to get to this rock.
  2. We were 5 minutes walk from a mega famous Insta spot filled with tourists. Here we were alone.
  3. The water was crystal clear. In order to have that perfect see through water effect I used 3 apps for editing.

Normandy, France

  1. It was 36°C outside in the shade on a sunny day when we took this picture.
  2. Behind a garden fence there were dogs barking throughout or photo shooting.
  3. The hay stung and we scratched our legs big time.

Herzogstand 1731m, Bavaria

  1. It was 5:50 AM and we were at 1731 m high.
  2. I was facing the scenery because I was looking to tired from the short night sleep.
  3. The mug was empty at that moment we took the picture, because I drank all the tea before.

Sylvensteinspeicher, Bavaria

  1. I had the chestnut accidently in my pocket from a walk in the Englisher Garden a day before.
  2. This was one shot only. I set the camera and explained Andrei what I want. We only took this picture.
  3. The glasses were just for the photos. The weather was not that good.

Bavarian Alps

  1. We hiked almost 4 hours to get to this spectacular view.
  2. Where I’m sitting was not the summit. The summit lay right behind us and it was way to crowded.
  3. Before I took this photo, I simulate with an exactly pic without me on how I want the result to look like: framing, light, direction etc. Then I ask the person taking it to get the same result. Usually I get 5 -10 takes and choose the best one.

What do you think about the reality behind these captures? Always consider what creators might invest in a social media profile before you draw the conclusion that your life is not that cool as some’s on Instagram. Leave a comment below with your thoughts, because I would love to know them.

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