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My first scratch world map as a traveler

My first scratch world map as a traveler

What a happy moment in a traveler’s life! My first scratch map! 😁

I must admit that I’ve been postponing doing this since almost two years!! But today was the day I just did it! This beautiful map was a birthday present I received, but knowing I was supposed to move flats, made me save it until I settle longer. The map came rolled, so I left it sit under my white board (on the floor) for the past 2 days. After it got flat, I took the first coin I could find and got busy. It is very intuitive how this works until it came to tiny islands (like Bali, Java, Malta, Palawan etc.). After a few tries to stick only to the islands I have been, I decided to scratch the country they belong to. I did this with Philippines and Indonesia even though you could actually distinguish the bigger islands, but from far away you could barely see where it was scratched. YES, it was F U N doing it and I am looking forward to get more colors on my map!

Sharing this moment with you now, so please watch:

And here it is the final result. Until now I only have been in Europe, Africa and Asia (that is why I cut this picture and zoomed on that part of the world I have been). First time in North America is coming this year and I am super excited for that!

W O R L D T R A V E L E D U N T I L M A Y 2 0 1 9

Do you own such a map? How was your experience with it? Ar you happy with the results you got? I would really like to read about that.

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i o a n a

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