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5 Tips to live your best life

5 Tips to live your best life

Recently I was invited by my dear friends Nicoleta Bot – Holistic Yoga Teacher and Oana Mindrut -Wholeness & Harmony Facilitator through Self-love, to participate as a speaker in their 30 days challenge for self love and empowerment. Each guest has the chance to present their “super powers” in making this world a warmer place. After a few thoughts I decided to talk about my journey as a traveler and how I used my intuition to create on of the best versions of my life. To sum up my top learnings, here are my 5 Tips to live your best life.

1. I stay true to myself

We will start the story by answering a few questions. Do you love fruits or do you like more veggies? Do you love pizza, burgers, vegan dishes or plain salads? Do you drink red wine, piña colada, beer or whiskey? Do you drive or rather take the bus or bike? Are you an early bird or late owl? And the questions apply for colors, clothes, shoes, how and where you live, how you choose a life partner and everything else in your life.

The reason I am asking you all of these questions has one sole purpose: to emphasize that the only person that can answers them correctly is YOU. Yes, there are many people in your life that know you incredibly well, but only you have the right answer to all of them. Why is this important? Because you and only you know what is best for you! If you want to live the life of your dreams you need to stay true to yourself and say yes to what you love. That means staying true to what is best for you, staying true to what is important for you and staying true to YOUR dreams. This way you decide and act on your own good no matter the circumstances, peer pressure and wanted (or not) opinions.

Act in ways such a life that when you are 90 years old and look back on it you will say like Frank Sinatra: “Regrets, I had a few, but then again to few to mention”, because “I faced it all and I stood tall, and did it my way”. 😉

2. How others react to me it is not personal

This is a wonderful life lesson I am sharing, that will save you a lot sleepless nights, worry and questioning yourself. The way people are is a collection of own life experiences, emotions and conclusions/ decisions they took for themselves on how they want to live (or cope with life). We are here just to observe and understand that the way most react has nothing to do with you personally, but with life experiences that happened to them.

You noticed also that a coworker is nicer to you in some day or more pissed in other days. Project results, boss making pressure, neighbors being loud provoking a sleepless nights, all this factors that might trigger this person to react in a less nicer way to your project idea, email etc. have literally nothing to do with you. You are not a good person in one day and bad in another. It is their right to act this way and your choice to stay as the sovran person you always knew you are.

And this example goes beyond to your husband/ wife, family members, loved ones or friends that react in a certain way to a decision you make regarding on how you live your life. People will give you advices as much as their life experience has been, so do watch closely who gives you life advices.

3. My priorities change my life for better

Did you ever say that starting next week you will do more sports, that this year you will read more books and from Monday you will go on diet. Why didn’t any of these actually happen in your life? Because this was more of a “wishing” list or “nice to change” list, rather then a priority. The moment something important where you are willing to take daily action if requested. The moment you truly decide for yourself that “starting now/ today I will” , from this moment your life is changing. When you really want something in your life you are ready to take action. Remember that girl /boy you used to like in high school? You were showing up every day to meet him/her, always wearing something nice and prepared with some smart remark or joke to make her/him see you. That was action driven by a purpose. You made that a priority in your life and you took constant action to reach your goal.

Imagine if you do the same to daily things in your life: groom yourself each morning no matter how tired you are, show up at the after work language classes each week, go jogging/ to the gym 3 times a week. All these actions have the consequences of bringing you closer to your goals.

4. I always know

Do you remember that time when you fall in love for the first time and you knew from day one is meant to be for the two of you? How about that time at your job where you had that feeling that this is an office or team where you will feel amazing being part of? Or that time at the restaurant where you just ordered and ate too much? In each and every moment of your life YOU KNOW! You know what is true for you, what serves you and what you truly want. You know the truth about each situation, decision, opportunity or choice. This information is available to you even before your mind starts going to hundred scenarios, movies and stories to convince you maybe other ways. So remember next time you stay in front of a decision, go within to that very first emotion you had and you knew exactly what you had to do. Now do it!

5. I am one decision away to change my life

How many times in your life you knew you need a change for better? For example at your job, or something in your lifestyle, a change in a relationship or just a vacation from it all. No matter how big or small those topics look in your mind they are all one decision away: one decision away to ask for your well deserved raise, one decision away to say I love you to your secret love, one decision away to buy a ticket and finally take that traveling vacation you have been dreaming for years.

Make a promise to yourself and
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Thank you for your support. See you on Instagram and Pinterest for more travel and life inspiration 🌍❤

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