5 Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks with Google Maps Itinerary

5 Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks with Google Maps Itinerary

First time in Munich or living here for a while? Always looking for great spots to best view and take stunning pictures of the city landmarks? Then read further. After 2 years of living and roaming the lively streets of Munich, I am sharing with you the best 5 Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks.

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Munich Landmarks

These are some of the greatest Landmarks in Munich. One by one we will visit them in this little photography tour. First, a short introduction to this marvelous architecture.

Old Town Hall -Altes Rathaus 

New Town Hall – Neues Rathaus

Frauenkirche Dome

Itinerary on Google Map

Here you have a 5 stops itinerary for you to visit the Best Photography Spots for Munich Landmarks.

Click on the map below to open and view it on Google Maps.

1. Marienplatz

Entrance: FREE

In this square where we will start our photography journey. The best place to photograph the Old City Hall and the New City Hall is of course the charming and lively Marienplatz. Our first stop is on the right hand side of the square by the Fish Fountain. Here you can get a wonderful view of the Town Hall Tower. One other suitable spot is in from of the Swarovski store. Here you will get a full view of the imposing architecture of both the city hall and Frauenkirche Towers. Below you will find my examples.

2. The New City Hall Tower

Entrance: 6 EUR

For as little as 6 EUR you can take the elevator and a few stairs to the top of the New City Hall in Munich. Prepare to have a breathtaking view over Marienplatz, the skyline and on good days the Bavarian Alps too. From here you can take stunning pictures with the Old Town Hall and of course the famous landmark of the city: Frauen Church. You can book tickets HERE or directly at the New Town Hall Information Center – stop 2 on itinerary.

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3. St. Peter’s Curch Tower

smileyioana.com | 5 Munich Landmarks Phone Wallpapers - New City Hall

Entrance: 3 EUR

The tower of St. Peter’s Church offer the most spectacular and complete view on the New Town Hall. You will be able to take stunning picture with this brilliant gothic architecture, details of the building and of course the most famous clock. Bring your zoom lens with you and make sure you get a good spot in the tower before 11:00 AM or 17:00 PM. This way you will witness the too

4. Salvatorplatz at the Greek Orthodox Church

smileyioana.com | Frauenkirche Towers -5 Munich Landmarks Phone Wallpapers

Entrance: FREE

Rather hidden and unknown, this is by far my favorite spot to see the dominant Frauenkirche Towers throning over the city. Whether is summer or winter, rain or snow you will always get a spectacular view of the beautiful architecture. Find the Greek Orthodox Church at Salvatorplatz, stop 4 on the itinerary. On the left side of the church you will easily get this stunning city view.

5. Hirmer

Entrance: FREE

The building of Hirmer itself it is its own piece of architecture that deserves its own attention. If you go to the left end of the building, you will meet again the imposing towers of Frauenkirche. Bring your wide lens with you. Here you have the chance for a full capture of the towers.

What do you think about this Photography Munich Landmarks itinerary? Write in the comments below where is your favorite spot in the city to capture some of its beauty. Thank you for reading. Let’s stay in touch on social media too, for more travel stories on Instagram and Pinterest! 🌍❤

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