The TRAVEL GUIDE FOR FIRST-TIME MOTHERS (traveling with babies 0-18 months) is now available. | Happy New Year - Holiday Greeting Cards

12 best photos from 2020 framed with

Wrapping up 2020 with 12 best photos framed with One photo for each month made in 12 unique digital postcards. | Merry Christmas - Holiday Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas from | 6 Holiday Greeting Cards

Merry Christmas from with 6 Holiday Greeting Cards to share with your dear ones. Thank YOU for being here and being you.

smileyiacoana | 10 Inspirational Books to Read this Winter 2020 Pinterest Pin

10 Inspirational Books to Read in Winter 2021

Too much at home? Here are my 10 picks of inspirational books to read in winter 2021 on self growth, entertainment and general knowledge.

smileyoiana | 7 Tips To Overcome Camera Shyness

7 tips to overcome camera shyness

Feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera? Here are 7 tips in how to overcome camera-shyness, based on my learnings. | 10 Inspirational Travel Quotes For Adventure Seekers

10 Inspirational Travel Quotes for adventure seekers

Here are the most inspirational travel quotes in 2020 for all of you adventure seekers out there. Ready to pin format.

5 Days Salad Challenge

5 days salad challenge | STAY AT HOME

It is time to get out of the bed and take care of yourself. Here is a super easy 5 days salad challenge to keep you in shape! JOIN NOW! | Cherry Blossom. 5 Free Download Photos

Cherry Blossom – 5 free download photos

5 free download Cherry Blossom photos for you to uplift your mood Sharing spring's beauty while keeping a social distance.

21 creative ideas to pass time while you STAY AT HOME

In this special circumstances you are given a precious gift: TIME. Here are 21 ideas that might inspire you to use your time wisely while you STAY AT HOME.

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