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90 mins dive deep and heal past traumas live session

110.00 inc. VAT

Join a 90 minutes online 1:1 Zoom Session to dive deep into any given old wound and bring ease into your life. This powerful live session is here to heal old wounds/ patterns/ traumas. Through personal guidance along the journey, providing a safe and supportive environment for you, you will find new ways of dealing with your past. You will be offered a safe space where you will be able to release and heal old past traumas/ wounds.

After a successful purchase you will be contacted and receive a Zoom link for our session. The date of the session will be set by mutual agreement.



How does a “Dive Deep and Heal Past Traumas” session work?


You will receive a short 5-10 minutes introduction of the process. You will give a briefly description of your topic and continue along the way with answering some relevant questions. There is no right or wrong here but only YOUR truth. Together we will establish the underlying assumption and your decision in this situation.


Safely you will be guided in an intuitive meditation back to the moment where it was created. We will step by step start releasing the old attachments, the pain/ worry/ fear/ and start the healing.

We close the session in this supported safe space.

Why do I need the “Dive Deep and Heal Past Traumas” session?

This is a very powerful session for anyone that is ready to bring ease into their lives and release old wounds and traumas from the past.  No matter how big or small your topic of choice is with my intuitive guidance we will step by step heal any issue.

What do you need to bring to the session?

Trust that I will safely guide you towards the roots of your trauma.
Willingness to let go of the past that no longer serves you.


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