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FREE Intuition Reading on YOUR topic


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Choose your topic and I will give you a 15 minutes insights intuition reading regarding the current situation, the ideal scenario and one specific action that you could take to change your current situation.

After a successful booking leave me your topic on and within 24h I will leave you a voice mail recording with the reading on your favorite platform of communication: Mess, WhatsApp, Google drive etc.



What is an Intuition Reading?

Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning.
Reading connecting to ones energy field and sharing obvious information regarding a specific topic.

Why do you need an Intuition Reading?

The intuition readings are a perfect tool for brining awareness in your daily life. This powerful tool you can use for awareness in your daily choices, next steps towards your big dreams or any topic where you need some transparence. Also it has the purpose of sowing you patterns and themes in your life that no longer serve you. Your growth will by seeing new choices, patterns or themes in your life that would bring bliss, ease and joy instead.

What to expect from a 15 minutes Intuition Reading?

15 minutes brings enough time to tap and discover the source of your problem/ worry/ validation of an idea etc. The reading will be divided in 3 areas:

  1. The Current Reality – the background and source of the current situation
  2. The Vision – the ideal scenario in this situation
  3. One action that if you take will bring you closer to your vision (out of the situation if that is your desire)
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